NEBULONI E.(ネブローニ)


NEBULONI E.(ネブローニ)は、1950年前半にEugenio Nebulonieによって設立された優れたクラフトマンシップとイタリアンスタイルに定評のある老舗ブランドです。




NEBULONI E. was launched by Eugenio Nebulonie in the early 50’s and is a brand with a long well-established history for outstanding craftsmanship and its Italian style. Preserving the traditional shoe manufacturing method passed down from the founders, master artisans continue to make each shoe carefully by hand to this day. Not compromising on leather selection, leather at finest quality is used and all processes are coherently carried out in their own factory. Only products that pass the strict standards of the artisans are shipped to the world. These shoes are manufactured with a focus on its excellent comfort and its beautiful shape; and made thoughtfully to fit Japanese women.